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Honey Bee Hive House *

The Honey Bee Hive House is one of the cool, hidden, and unusual things to do in East Jerusalem, Israel. After the Six Day War, the Housing Ministry sponsored the construction of neighborhoods in the newly conquered territories. The Ramot Polin complex has been named one of the "World's Strangest Buildings".

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Beit Jann *

Beit Jann (بيت جن‎ - בֵּיתּ גַ'ן‎) is a Druze village on Mount Meron in northern Israel. At 940 meters above sea level, Beit Jann is one of the highest inhabited locations in the country. Beit Jann has a cool climate, even in summer, and offers panoramic views that stretch as far as the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean on a clear day. The village is located inside the Mount Meron nature reserve.

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Deer Land Park *

Set in the heart of a huge natural forest, overlooking breathtaking scenery, Deer Land Park awaits you in Gush Etzion, overlooking HaEla Valley, south of Jerusalem. The park offers a wide variety of attractions: a nature reserve, petting zoo, and one of the largest sports challenge facilities in Israel.

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Cochin Jewry Heritage Center *

The Cochin Jewry Heritage Center incorporates Jewish tradition and exotics: learning about the rich heritage of the Cochin Jewry and its customs. Visiting the museum includes original artifacts (utensils, spices, ...

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Gvulot (Border) Lookout Settlement *

Gvulot (גְּבוּלוֹת) means "Borders". This is a kibbutz in the north-western Negev desert. In 2019 it had a population of 358. Gvulot is located about 120 m above sea level. Mitzpe Gvulot had the first Mekorot water pipe that brought from the Galilee to the Negev, and the first reservoir on the Negev.

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Ha-Masrek Nature Reserve *

The Ha-Masrek (Comb) Reserve got its name from the Jerusalem pine trees that grow at its summit and remotely resemble the shape of a hair comb stuck in its head. Probably the first to give the reserve its name were members of the Palmach training camp who were based at Givat Brenner and went on hikes in the area.

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Kibbutz Dalia’s Sculpture Park *

Kibbutz Dalia is famous for dance, art, and sculpture. Kibbutz resident Nathan Ezra Yenuka created a sculpture garden focusing on art in motion to express the spirit of the place. The 24 pieces are of various sizes, mostly portable, and are made of marble, polyester, local rock and other materials.

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Caesarea Underwater Archaeological Park *

The first Underwater Archaeological Park in Israel and around the world! The park was built by researchers from the University of Haifa together with the Caesarea development company and was opened the park in 2006. The underwater park reveals to its divers Herod's ancient building techniques of his renowned port the rehabilitation efforts made after it sunk and the various shipwrecks which are found around this area.

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Neot Smadar *

Neot Smadar (נְאוֹת סְמָדַר‎) is a kibbutz in southern Israel. Located in the Aravah. In 2019 it had a population of 227.

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