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Cameling in the holy land since forever

Byzantine Churches in the Negev *

Securing their trade routes, the Nabateans built Byzantine Churches in the Negev in stations on the the main routes at Kurnub (Mamshit), Shivta and Avdat. Nabateans In the first century ...

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Be’er Shema *

Located in the western Negev, some 25 km. west of Be’er Sheva, Horvat Be’er Shema (חורבת באר שמע) was a large village during the Roman-Byzantine period on the incense trade route. Its ancient name ...

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Kinneret Mystery Mound *

A stone’s throw from the Jordan River is a conical mound of stones from side to side in the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret). Israeli scientists puzzle over how an ancient stone ...

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Graffiti in Israel *

Graffiti in Israel: Israel's Street Art covers the city’s street art and graffiti scene, which serves as a unique expression of the nation's geographical location, cultural peculiarities, political movements, and artistic sub-cultures.

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Jews in Arabia

The history of the Jews in the Arabian Peninsula dates back to Biblical times. The Jewish tribes of Arabia were ethnic groups professing the Jewish faith that inhabited the Arabian Peninsula before and during the advent of Islam. In the north where ...

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Ashdod Sand Dune Park *

Ashdod Sand Dune Park: Sand dunes once dominated the coast of Israel with 462 square kilometres of dunes, of which over three-quarters were south of Tel Aviv. To date the dunes have been replaced ...

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Khirbet Kerak *

The tell of Khirbet Kerak was at certain times the site of two twin towns, Bet Yerah and Sinnabris. The Jerusalem Talmud mentions Bet Yerah as sitting alongside Sinnabri (al-Sinnabra), describing both as walled cities. The ...

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Palestinian Doors **

Fayrouz, the “First Lady of Lebanese Singing”, performs the song of Joseph Harb and Filemon Wehbe, Palestine Doors, with photos of doors in Palestine photographed by Maysa Alshaer. You will have to forgive me again ...

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Jews in the United Arab Emirates

History of the Jews in the United Arab Emirates Jews had historical and modern presence over the millennia in the Middle East and in the United Arab Emirates UAE. There are ...

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