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Cameling in the holy land since forever

Purim in Israel

צילום:ד"ר אבישי טייכר

The celebration of Purim in Israel like most Jewish holidays includes liturgy, Bible reading (Book of Esther) and food (hamentaschen). Unlike solemn holy days like Yom Kippur, Purim is the ...

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Kishon Park , Haifa-Kishon Marina *

Kishon Park
Photo: 	Hanay

I love aerial photos! You will also love the these shots of Kishon Park and the Haifa-Kishon Marina. They did a good job of rehabilitation of the polluted river. Kishon River – الكيشون – ...

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KKL-JNF Nesher Park *

Nesher Park

The KKL Nesher Park is located about 500 meters down the road from the University of Haifa on the north side of Mt.Carmel, in the city Nesher. It is the ...

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Beit Yanai Beach *

Beit Yanai_Beach_

Beit Yanai Beit Yanai  is a moshav on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea about six kilometres north of Netanya. It was founded in 1933 and named after the Hasmonean king Alexander Yanai. Beit  Yanai is just south ...

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HaYarkon Park – Yarkon Park *

Yarkon River
Photo: Deror avi

HaYarkon Park – Yarkon Park HaYarkon Park – Yarkon Park is just a few minutes drive from downtown Tel Aviv, stretching along the Yarkon River. HaYarkon Park is the green lung ...

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Islam – Israel – Palestine *

Medallion showing the word "Allah" (God) in Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey.
author: Adam Kliczek, http://zatrzymujeczas.pl

Islam-Israel-Palestine For Critical Thinkers: #4 The origins of Islam-Israel-Palestine and how Israel became a holy place for Muslims. The significance of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem helps understand replacement theology. This ...

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Metula *

Metula Today - Photo:  Oren Rachamim on panoramio.com

Metula is the center of tourism in the Upper Galilee. Israel’s northernmost town is a quiet country village with a view of Mt. Hermon and the green Galilee landscapes. Many tourists and vacationers who ...

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Abel Beth Maacah *

Photo: Tel Abel Beth Maacah Excavations

Tell Abil el-Qameh Tell Abil el-Qameh is a 100-dunam site, located 4.5 miles west of Tel Dan and 1.2 miles south of Metulla on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon. The ...

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Dead Sea Revisited *

Mount Sodom, Israel, showing the so-called "Lot's Wife" pillar.

Dead Sea Tourism The Dead Sea in Israel is a tourist attraction for people from all over the world because it is a natural health spa – only an hour’s drive ...

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