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Cameling in the holy land since forever

Ma’aleh Akrabim (Scorpions Ascent)

Ma’aleh Akrabim (Scorpions Ascent – מעלה עקרבים) is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful scenic roads in Israel. I just re-visited this old road on my way to Eilat. The serpentine ...

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Har Yoash

Mt. Yoash – הר יואש At the peak of the Eilat Heights we encounter a junction with a road going off to the south. This road leads to the summit ...

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Ein Evrona

Ein Evrona – עין עברונה Ein Evrona is an ancient well that is located on the edge of the Evrona salt marsh. In times gone by the water would rise ...

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Hatzevah Fortress

Ir Ovot Kibbutz Ir Ovot (the town of Ovot) was established in the Arava in Southern Israel in 1967, by a group of Messianic Jews from the US led by ...

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Hazeva – חצבה This oasis, located in the Arabah valley, receives its waters from Ein (the spring of) Hazeva.  Its frontier location, situated on the crossroads of major ancient routes, ...

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