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Tel Aviv 1934 *

The first Tel Aviv lots being auctioned in 1909 - Public Domain

Tel Aviv 1934-35 This film of Tel Aviv is a chapter of the original film “Land of Promise”. This chapter of the movie shows life in the first Hebrew city ...

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Palestine pre-1948 *

Palestine pre-1948, Palestine before Israel - Screen Shot  from YouTube

Palestine pre-1948, Palestine before the State of  Israel The video contains pictures of different Palestine Palestinian cities during the 1920’s and 1930’s, during the British Mandate, before the creation of ...

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Legend in the Dunes – Tel Aviv *

Rothschild Boulevard in 1913 -- Public Domain

Legend in the Dunes – Tel Aviv Legend in the Dunes (AGADA BA-HOLOT) Hebrew + English subtitles lirics: Yaakov Gross Music — Nachum Heiman Once seashells covered the beach — Endless ...

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The Israel-Palestine Conflict *

West_Bank_&_Gaza_Map_2007 - רשות הציבור

IsraelandYou adds this post to enable our English speaking readers to better understand the difficult subject of the Israel-Palestine Conflict. You are welcome to send us your remarks. The Israeli–Palestine Conflict is the ...

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