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Akko Harbor *

“The Evolution of Akko Harbor and its Mediterranean Maritime Trade Links” Authors: Ehud Galili, Baruch Rosen, Dov Zviely, Na’ama Silberstein, and Gerald Finkielsztejn Journal of  Island & Coastal Archaeology   ...

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Shavei Zion*

Shavei Zion offers a site of historical and archaeological importance, albeit off the beaten track, but worth the short detour on your way to Rosh Hanikra or Ghetto Fighters’ House at Lohamei Hagetaot. Shavei ...

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Metzudat Ashdod – Ashdod Fortress *

Modern Ashdod Ashdod (  אַשְׁדּוֹד‎; أشدود‎‎ ) is the sixth-largest city and the largest port in Israel. Modern Ashdod was established in 1956 and incorporated as a city in 1968. ...

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Apollonia – Arsuf *

Arsuf  becomes Apollonia The Phoenicians or Canaanites founded this ancient city and named it Arsuf (ארשוף – ארסוף) after their god Reshef. During the Hellenistic period it was renamed Apollonia ...

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Yarda Ruins*

  Horvat Yarda – Yarda Ruins Yarda Ruins hold archeological finds from various  periods from the Roman to the Ottoman. The impressive stone structure, with its arched entrances, used to be a Turkish ...

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Khan et Tujjar – Suk al Khan*

Khan et Tujjar also Suk al Khan (Hebrew חאן אל תוג’אר) Early Arab The West side of Khan et Tujjar (“caravanserai of the merchants”) is the ruins of a 8th-9th Century ...

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