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Nahal Taninim Dam

The Ancient Aqueducts to Caesaria The Roman, Byzantine and Crusader inhabitants of the region built a series of aqueducts to channel water to Caesarea. A High Aqueduct from sources further ...

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Akko – Acre

Meet Akko Akko offers the visitor exciting Jewish, Christian and Muslim historical sites as well as an amazing, oriental market and marine activities in the port. Much of the excitement ...

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Following Prime Minister Netanyahu’s amazing address in May 30th, you are probably curious about the Mossad and its activities. Intelligence Organizations before 1948 At the time of the U.N. General ...

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Tower of David – Migdal David

Phasael Tower One would expect that the partially preserved massive Citadel of Jerusalem, now called the Phasael Tower, would be the popular choice as the object to represent The Tower of David and Jerusalem. ...

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Christian Korazim – Chorazin Korazim (Chorazim in Arabic) is an archaeological site mentioned in the New Testament as a city condemned by Jesus (together with Bethsaida and Capernaum) for rejecting him. Matthew ...

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Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem


The Jaffa Gate The Jaffa Gate on the western side of the Old City in Jerusalem faces west to the main port of Judaea, Jaffa. The gate that you see ...

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French Quarter of Jerusalem

Parallel to the awakening Zionist movement and Jewish immigration (Aliyah) to the Holy Land, the world powers:- England, France, Germany, Russia, Italy and America – each endeavoured to expand their ...

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