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Nahal Taninim Dam

Park Alona - Photo: dannythedigger

The Ancient Aqueducts to Caesaria The Roman, Byzantine and Crusader inhabitants of the region built a series of aqueducts to channel water to Caesarea. A High Aqueduct from sources further ...

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Tel Aviv-Yafo Beaches

The City of Tel Aviv-Yafo Beaches boast 14 kilometers of the best beaches in the world with wide stretches of clean sand and stunning views of the sea and surfers. All ...

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Mount Sodom, Dead Sea

Mount Sodom The mountains of Sodom are located on the south-west side of the Dead Sea, along Road #90, between the Dead Sea Works plant 11KM and  Nachal Zohar to the ...

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Paran Monastery

Paran Monastery and Nahal Prat Nature Reserve

Paran The Desert of Paran or Wilderness of Paran (also sometimes spelled Pharan or Faran; מדבר פארן) is in the Sinai Peninsula 35 miles from Mount Sinai. The Paran Monatery in the ...

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Dead Sea Shore

Dead Sea Shore Surprises The Dead Sea is not just mud and Masada. With a good guide you can discover very interesting highlights and Dead Sea Shore Surprises. Ahava Dead ...

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Trees for Christian Pilgrims


Every tour guide in Israel must recognize and point out to Christian pilgrims at least these two trees relevant to Christian tradition :- the Judas Tree and the Rosebud Tree. ...

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Serah Bat Asher


The non-conformist village of Klil holds a plethera of surprises for you. The most entertaining surprise I found was the invention of a holy site for the well-known Biblical character ...

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Kadesh Barnea

Biblical Kadesh Barnea Kadesh-Barnea appears in the stories of Abraham (Gen. 16:14; 20:1) and in the description of the expedition of Chedorlaomer and his allies; Kadesh-Barnea, here called En-Mishpat, is ...

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