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What is a Minsara ? Minsara means “Carpentry Shop”. It received its name because of the black prismatic rocks which really do look like wood. The composition of the rocks is sea ...

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Parsat Nekarot

Nekarot Horseshoe – Parsat Nekarot Parsat Nekarot (פרסת נקרות) is part of Nahal Nekarot, a 3-km long twist that looks on the map like a horseshoe in the Negev Ramon Crater. ...

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Amonite Wall

Amonites Amonites (also Ammonites) are an extinct group of marine molluscs closely related to living octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish. The earliest appeared during the Devonian, and the last died out during the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event. ...

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Rosh Hanikra

The Israel-Lebanon border is marked by a steep, white chalk cliff. At the base of the cliff are cavernous tunnels which are reached by cable car. These are the Rosh ...

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Beautiful Nature in Palestine

  This clip produced by  Mohammad Karim presents what it claims to be the most beautiful and wonderful nature in Palestine, especially migratory birds and wild animals. Yes in fact the “nature” ...

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Khirbet Karta

How many times I drove down the Israel Coast Road #2 and wondered what’s over on those calcareous sandstone ridges at Khirbet Karta on the coast at Atlit. These ridges are fossilized ...

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Ramat Hanadiv

The House of Rothschild Said to be the richest family in the world, the French branch of the family was a Godsend for the Zionist Movement. Ramat Hanadiv Park is ...

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The Great Makhtesh

Provided by Amnon Hahn of the Israeli Paragliding Association

The Large or Great Makhtesh is not the largest. The truth is that when the Large Makhtesh was mapped Makhtesh Ramon was not yet mapped. The “makhtesh” is a unique ...

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