Thursday , 22 March 2018
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Brechat Hameshushim

צילום: מנחם מרקוס

Hexagon Pool One of the best rewards of visiting the Golan (and the reason we visited this spot in the first place) is to experience the little known “Hexagon Pools” ...

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Israel National Trail


National Geographic notes the Israel National Trail (Shvil Yisrael) National Geographic magazine named the Israel National Trail (INT) one of the “World’s Best Hikes.” The special section focuses on 20 ...

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Desert tourism in Israel


Tourists discover Israel’s Negev desert History and scenery come together for visitors to Israel’s Negev Desert. Israel’s Negev Desert accounts for more than 55 percent of Israel’s land, but only ...

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Amud Stream Nature Reserve


Nachal Amud The Amud Stream is a “miniature Garden of Eden,” a magical creation of nature. Here, along a year-round flowing stream in the shade of groves and fruit trees, ...

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The Golan Magic

Golan Magic Model

I just returned from a trip to the Golan Heights with my cousins from Canada. Our visit to “Golan Magic” was unforgetable. The service was very thoughtful; English spoken here. ...

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Tivon Trek

Tivon Ring Cycling Route The Tivon Ring Route and Single is a cycling route that passes through groves of ancient oaks, natural woodlands, and forests that were planted over the ...

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Mount Arbel

Mount Arbel, Arbel National Park and Arbel Nature Reserve Mount Arbel is a wonderful park for nature lovers to hike and a challenging climb for extreme sports, a station on ...

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