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Jewish Religious Sites

Tour Hebron (en Francais)

Hebron redeployment 1997 - Graphics: 	Wickey-nl

Les quartiers de Hebron avec le Rav Dynovisz Filme en direct depuis les quartiers juifs de Hebron. Thème: La vie juive a Hevron: Beit Hadasah, Beit Romano, Quartier d’Avraham Avinou. Découvrez Hevron ...

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Découvrez Jerusalem

Temple Mount

 Découvrez Jerusalem avec le Rav Dynovisz 1ère visite 1ère visite d´une série de 3, en direct de Jerusalem, depuis le Kotel, le mont du Temple, la vielle ville et plus ...

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The Little Western Wall

The Little Western Wall

If you are on the Temple Mount exit through the Iron Gate (Bab al Hadid, Sha’ar HaBarzel) and immediately turn to your right to enter HaKotel HaKatan, the Little Western ...

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Rachel’s Tomb

Rachel's Tomb

Is this Rachel’s Tomb? Well, it depends on who you ask. The Ministry of Religions obviously thinks so. Look at how the IDF gerrymandered the Separation Fence deep into Bethlehem ...

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Adventure on the Temple Mount

Dome of the Rock

Cops and Robbers Visiting the holiest site for Judaism in the Jewish state requires playing a game of “cops and robbers”. Moslems, of course can enter through any of the ...

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Ramchal Synagogue in Acco

Ramchal Synagogue

The Jewish community of Acre had two synagogues from the 16th to 18th centuries, under Moslem rule: the Achav Synagogue and the Ramchal Synagogue. The Achav Synagogue There is a ...

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Tunisian Synagogue in Acco

Tunisian Synagogue Acco

 The Or Torah – “Jariva” – (Tunisian) Synagogue, Acco Acco may be famous for Crusaders, Ottoman Pashas and Rabbi Haim Luzzatto, but in my opinion the most original and unique ...

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The Kotel Tunnels

Kotel Tunnels

Minharot Hakotel When I recommend a visit to the Kotel Tunnels, I know what I am talking about. My co-editor of Israelandyou was a guide there for several years. I ...

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