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Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem

The Jaffa Gate The Jaffa Gate on the western side of the Old City in Jerusalem faces west to the main port of Judaea, Jaffa. The gate that you see ...

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Nicola e Pina Israele 2009

Safra Square

  Barclays Bank – New Jerusalem Municipality Adjacent to the Russian Compound Jerusalem’s City Hall is situated directly on the seam that once divided Jerusalem. The entire complex is equally ...

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French Quarter of Jerusalem

Parallel to the awakening Zionist movement and Jewish immigration (Aliyah) to the Holy Land, the world powers:- England, France, Germany, Russia, Italy and America – each endeavoured to expand their ...

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The Colors of Jerusalem

Photo Tourism – The Colors of Jerusalem Artistic photographs of the colors of Jerusalem following many of the most popular tourist and pilgrim attractions in the Holy City of Jerusalem, Israel. ...

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Paris Square Jerusalem

My Personal Paris Square Why is Paris Square my point of reference in Jerusalem? Let me search my brain for memories while dreaming about a walk clockwise around the square. Maybe ...

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