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Jerusalem 1913 **

Jerusalem Gate Photo: YouTube

Jerusalem 1913

Jerusalem 1913: – Jerusalem, a city of domes, minarets and churches, with inhabitants of many races; monuments which date far back into antiquity, belonging to Jews, Muslims and Christians. A tourists’ view of the town and of Bethlehem, before the divisions of the late twentieth century set in.

Jérusalem, cité de dômes, de minarets et d’églises; monuments qui datent de l’antiquité, et qui appartiennent aux juifs, musulmanes et chrétiens. La ville et Bethléem de la perspective du touriste, bien avant la croissance des divisions de la deuxième partie du vingtième siècle.

StephendelRoser (Stephen Papworth)

The main purpose of the StephendelRoser channel on YouTube is to present footage from Pathé Baby films which are relevant to local, social and industrial history. These were mainly excerpts from documentaries and newsreels intended for the cinema, which were then abridged for showing on home movie projectors. They became available from 1922 onwards, and many were still available in the 1930s, when come aspects of their technology became obsolescent. Many of the films were originally made much earlier than this, however, with some as early as 1906, and he has tried to date them as well as he can, using online databases. It seems likely that many the 35mm cinema versions have disappeared, so in these cases, the Pathé Baby versions have become a unique resource.


Pathé-Baby is the name given by Charles Pathé to a mainstream amateur cinema system launched in 1922 and using a 9.5  mm wide film with central perforations, the smallest format existing at the time. The Pathé-Baby was initially a small crank projector capable of projecting short film packaged in a metal cartridge which contained less than ten meters of non-flammable film.

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