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Akko – Acre

Acco  - Haifa

Meet Akko Akko offers the visitor exciting Jewish, Christian and Muslim historical sites as well as an amazing, oriental market and marine activities in the port. Much of the excitement ...

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Al Basha Turkish Bath

Al Basha Turkish Bath

The Ottomans built a public bath in Akko – Al Basha Turkish Bath. I guess you would call it a Turkish Bath. “Hamam al-Basha” was built at the end of ...

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Al-Jazzar Mosque, Acre

Al Jazzar Mosque

Al-Jazzar Mosque in Acre, which is known in Arabic as Jama El-Basha (the Pasha’s Mosque), was also formerly known as Jama El-Anwar (the Mosque of Lights). The mosque which was inaugurated ...

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Zawiyat al-Shaziliyya

Zawayat El-Shadlia

Ali Nur al-Din al Yashruti el-Magrabi, a young Sufi sheikh left Tunis, North Africa on his way to Mecca. In Lebanon the Prophet Jona appeared to him in a dream ...

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Underground Prisoners Museum


The Jewish Resistance Fighters Museum features an innovative display run by the Ministry of Defense describing the resistance fighters’ imprisonment, their life in prison, the Acre prison break and the story ...

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The Templars’ Tunnel

The Templars Tunnel

The Templars were a military-monastic order who aided pilgrims and the ailing coming from Europe to visit the holy sites of the Land of Israel. The Templars first settled in ...

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The Bahai Gardens in ‘Akko

Bahai Gardens in Acre

The Bahai Gardens in ‘Akko surround the historic mansion residence of Baha’u’llah, the Prophet-Founder of the Baha’i Faith. Baha’ullah lived here at Bahjí for 12 years and was buried here. The ...

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Otzrot BaHoma Museum

Treasures in the Walls

Ethnographic Museum “Treasures in the Walls” This unique museum, Otzrot BaHoma or Treasures in the Walls, is located within the north-eastern walls of old Acre, originally built by the Ottoman ruler of the area, Ahmed ...

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Ramchal Synagogue in Acco

Ramchal Synagogue

The Jewish community of Acre had two synagogues from the 16th to 18th centuries, under Moslem rule: the Achav Synagogue and the Ramchal Synagogue. The Achav Synagogue There is a ...

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