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Things to do in Israel

Rosh Ha Nikra

Top Attractions Travel Guide When you plan traveling to Israel visiting religious sites in Jerusalem or basing yourself in Tel Aviv may initially come to mind. However, when exploring Israel it ...

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Credit: Simulation

Sarona – a Templer Village When founded in August 1871 by a group of pious Christians who came from southern Germany German called Templers, Sarona (named after the Plains of Sharon) ...

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St. Peter’s Church Jaffa

St. Peter's Church

St. Peter’s Church and St. Peter’s Monastery in Jaffa This is the center of Christianity in Jaffa. The New Testament records several of the deeds of St Peter the Apostle which took ...

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Outside the Walls of Old Jaffa

Typical Neve Tzedek home

Raziel St. The two parts of the street between Jerusalem Boulevard, Jaffa and the Jaffa Clock Tower were named Boutrus St. and Howard St. after two prominent Arab Jaffa families.  A ...

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Jaffa Attractions


Kedumim Square Sometimes written Quedumim Square, this is the approach to all Jaffa Attractions  – St. Peter’s Church, the Jaffa Visitors’ Center, the Zodiac Fountain and Park Hapisga. The Zodiac Fountain ...

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Strolling in Jaffa


Jaffa is one big attraction. Whether you are looking for panoramic seascapes, biblical churches, good food (some are even Kosher), flea market antiques, artists’ colony, socially aware restaurants run by ...

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Hatachana Compound

Hatachana - Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Today you can visit a multi-attraction culture, business and entertainment center full of cafes, galleries and designer clothing shops in what was once the end of Israel’s first railway line, built in ...

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Palestine Tourism


  These “chutzpadik” videos share a fantasy view of Palestine, touting a cultural and natural heritage and the spirit of a Palestinian people:- all from the point of view of ...

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Mini Israel


Take advice from an old tourist guide, if you don’t have time to see all of Israel, see a good portion of it, at least in miniature, at Mini Israel. This ...

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