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Israel: Seeing is Believing!


Many artists have attempted to describe the “Israel Experience” in one short video. We see lovely stills and movie shots, archaeology, history, geology, markets, religions and bikinis all calling out, ...

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The Good Samaritan Museum

Good Samaritan Inn

  The museum at the Good Samaritan Inn archeological site by Ma’ale Adumim is the only mosaic museum in the country and one of only three in the world. The Inn of ...

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Spelunking at Hirbat Midras

midras  - Photo: אבישי טייכר

Hirbat Midras  About 15miles south of Bet Shemesh in Park Adulam in the heart of the Shfela, Midras had a significant population during the Second Temple period destroyed in the Bar Kochba ...

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Tunisian Synagogue in Acco

Tunisian Synagogue Acco

 The Or Torah – “Jariva” – (Tunisian) Synagogue, Acco Acco may be famous for Crusaders, Ottoman Pashas and Rabbi Haim Luzzatto, but in my opinion the most original and unique ...

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Beit Alpha Synagogue

הורד (8)

 Beit Alpha – בית אלפא – Mosaic Floor  The ancient synagogue of Beit alpha, dated to the Byzantine period, was a 20m x 14M building. It was covered across its entire ...

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