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10 Must sees in the HolyLand Nazareth and Galilee

Even though I am not a Christian, I found my visits to the Christian holy sites in Israel to have profound importance to my understanding of the history of my country – the holy land. My home is right next to Nazereth and I often go there for business and shopping. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city is astounding. Jews, Moslems and  Christians all living and working together happily. Look at the clothes, check out the restaurants, notice the different styles of architecture. This is what I would call “Israel Plus”. See my blog on Christmas in Nazereth.

Many time as I travelled to visit my family on the Golan Heights, I was curious to see the long line of pilgrim buses along the Capernaum side of Lake Kinneret. So I decided to take a day off and see for myself. See my blogs on the Capernaum, other pilgrimage sites and holy sites.

I also visit local Arab villages and bring you photos of their churches.

This post will give you tips on how to plan your visit or pilgrimage to Israel. Let me know what you think.

Nazareth is the place of the Annunciation and the birth of Christianity. At 30 Jesus moves to Capernaum and starts his public ministry around the Sea of Galilee. This segment of the 10 Must See Christian places in the Holy Land follows in the footsteps of Jesus in Galilee.
Come join the journey taken by people from all corners of the world, a journey to the heart of the scriptures.
Share the experience of being touched by the Spirit of the Holy Land.

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