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10 things you need to know about Israeli men

An incomprehensive list based on tender memories and some playful stereotyping. Please read with a large 😉

1) They’re vain. They care about their looks and they want to look their best! This can turn into a bit of a performance but it’s usually balanced out by 3). The thing is: they do usually look their best, their very sexy best. Dark, slender, elegant with those long flirty lashes that speed up the heart beat and with curls that promise passion and wildness. If you like your men hairy then you’ll be a happy person looking at them. And you’ll get to see some toned muscles, too. All presented by some more or less subtle machismo. It’s a glorious sight!

2) They’re circumcised. You love or want that? Fun. You don’t? Just deal with it.

3) Israeli men tend to be extraordinarily charming, caring and generally fun to be with. They have a knack for making you feel comfortable around them and in most cases they’ll catch you if you fall.

4) A lot of Israeli men love kids or are at least great with them. They like to talk about their families and how amazing they are and how often they see them, respectively how much they miss everyone. This isn’t necessarily the whole truth so if this makes you open your heart wide to him despite obvious defects – you have been warned.

5) Israeli men can be extremely persistent. Even annoyingly so. Ever tried to explain to someone who is 150% convinced of himself that…ummm…you’re just not that into him? If you have, you know the utter lack of understanding that you will encounter. If you haven’t, well, it’s certainly an experience. Just brace yourself.

6) They play their cards close to their chest, very close sometimes. Won’t share motives or feelings and will talk about everything but themselves. That is if you don’t happen to encounter one of the spiritual ones.

7) They need and take their freedom, to the point of being selfish. Which is fine if you can be just as independent. And actually, why not? Just make sure he’ll let you.

8) The vast majority of Israeli men has served with the IDF. In any case they have a strong opinion towards it and some stories to tell (and even difficult stories get told sometimes in the comfortable blanket of a late night, skin on skin with a lover, or don’t they?) In the best case stories of boredom and the desert or of being held in prison for refusing to join the army. In the worst case the stories are about war, injustice, violence, death, maybe about regrets, pride or wounds of different kinds. Oh and if your Israeli man is still serving then there’s a fair chance you’ll get to meet the weapon he carries.

9) Considering all of the above it’s not surprising that the wonderful Israeli men can be a bit…neurotic. Luckily they can also laugh about themselves.

10) The best is yet to come: Israeli men are players and they love to play with YOU, their prey. They will use all of their abundant qualities to seduce you. And they will do it in Hebrew or that Hebrew accent that will make your ears go tingly. They will let you know if they want you for love and/or sex and let’s admit it: to be wanted is a very, very nice feeling. Enjoy the heat.

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Born in 1983, Berliner by choice. Currently jack of all trades: author, copy-editor, co-working space manager, receptionist. Has a family and trains Aikido. The latter two are not connected. Volunteered in Jerusalem a long time ago and still loves her. Thank you for your attention.
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