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9 things you shouldn’t do in Jerusalem

1. Don’t stand in the city center with a big horn, a robe and a bird telling everyone they are going to die

This act has been already performed by a previous group of artists known as ‘prophets’, a few thousands years ago. These days, it’s a documented psychological illness called the jerusalem syndrome. In fact this weird thing happens so often, there is a special unit in the TLV airport in charge of catching biblical borderline characters such as yourself.

2. Don’t forget that it’s a desert

And like all deserts, cold in the evening, and boiling hot during the day. It is not unlikely to start your day with hiking shorts and finish it with your best pullover. Unless of course you are visiting in the winter than it is just cold from both sides. But, look at the bright side – every year there is a very good chance for a few in days of snow. And snow in the desert is even more cool than dolphins.


3. Don’t use your bicycle

Or you will discover the hard way what the Persians, the Romans, the greeks and so many others found out when they fancied some nice treasure from king solomon’s stash. Its a city surrounded by mountains. most probably every place you would want to visit will be a part of a little hike this way or another so leave your bike in tel aviv and hope it will still be there when you come back.

4. Don’t graffiti the wall

Or at least make sure which wall you are using to give the world your best piece. Hint: if its made out of jerusalem stone and looks like 500-2000 years old it probably isn’t the wall you are seeking, and you wouldn’t want Suliman the great and king Herode to haunt you in your dreams now would you?

jerusalem herode

5. Don’t miss the old city’s Hummus and Knaffe

A very well known saying points out that Jerusalem is the city god has chosen. But this is only 50% of the original phrase. The full sentence (As recently discovered by archaeologists) is Jerusalem is the city god has chosen for the best Hummus and knaffe. Conflicts aside, here is one thing every jew and arab agree on. The best Humus and knaffe in the world can be found in the old city of Jerusalem, and should not be missed.

6. Don’t be afraid of the serious amount of armed people

Some of them are army, some police, some border police. Some are SWAT teams (at the kotel), some are just private security and some just carry a gun for self defence. If you are astonished by the amount of armed people carrying some kind of weapon in the most explosive place in the world, you are obviously not relaxed enough. Head down to the old city where the heart of 3 big monotheistic religions lay, and don’t carry a weapon with you. You will be stopped in the entrance.

jerusalem three religions

7. Don’t plan your shopping for Saturday

Saturday in jerusalem = Sunday where you are coming from. Around nightfall in Friday, the city shifts into it’s famous spiritual gear, that makes it so special. 80% of the streets become car free and you can even see people walking on the main road. In the jewish part of the city, most of the coffee shops and restaurants will be closed. In the other parts of the city such as the muslim and christian quarters almost everything will be open during daytime, which makes it the perfect opportunity to get some wooden camels back home.

8. Don’t forget to watch the sunset on the roof tops of the old city

Jerusalem as you may very well also know, is a city made of stone. This stone has an amazing feature. As the day goes down, and sunset is crawling in the west, the Jerusalem stone is reflecting the light and slowly becoming red. The city is blushing. The result is beautiful, and the best place to watch it is on the rooftop of the old city, that are somehow almost connected. Hard to tell, when you are buzzing from quarter to quarter, but from above they all seem as one.

9. Don’t forget the 1st temple

Everyone remembers the 2nd, but what up with first?

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