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9 things you need to know about israeli girls

1. Israeli girls are the most beautiful girls in the world

Everybody knows Israeli girls are the most beautiful girls in the world. They know it too.


2. Israeli girls come in all shapes and colors

Blond hair & blue eyes, latino brunets with green eyes, black, white, russian, african – the jewish diaspora did one thing good.


3. It’s the mix

What happens when you mix the Russian arctic DNA with the northern sahara one?

4. They like to party

It seems like no matter what happens, TLV stays strong, leading the party scene of the western world.


5. They know what they want

Israeli girls can be pretty assertive. Don’t be surprised if you will get picked up in a bar, while you are trying to figure out who you gonna pick up yourself.


6. Marry a jew – Play with a goy

A jewish mama’s dream is off course to have a good jewish boy for her daughter. But until the happy day arrives, an Israeli girl will definitely play with the options.


7. You snooze – you looze

Don’t be shy when you are trying, assertivness in this part of the world is a norm.



8. Israeli Girls means buisness

The jewish mamma strikes again. Don’t be shocked if you have a new Israeli girl, and after 2 weeks she is already talking about a family. This may happen. Just nod and try to say  something to distract the conversation: “oh baby, is this the sound of Sirian bombs i just heard”?

(Photo: YouTube)

9. They are the best lovers

Here’s one thing you don’t learn in Hebrew school: Israeli girls are definitely the best lovers in the world. Is it the sun, the stress, the fact that every second might come the end of the world? maybe. But there’s only one way to find out.

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