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Abu Hassan (Ali-Karavan)

Writing about hummus Abu-Hassan (Ali-Karavan) is a little bit like writing about, lets say – Michael Jordan. In a land of hummus lovers and hummus stars wannabes, every hummus place desires to be a legend. But at the top there is only a place for one – and right now this is Abu Hassan.

A wise man once said:” A hummus place without a queue, is not a place where you should eat your hummus”. Abu Hassan is a great opportiunity to check if the man was right. It is located in Jaffa, and easy to spot due to a long waiting queue of hummus believers. The waiting is worth it, just remember the wise man words…

Sun-Fri 7:45-14:45 (or until the humus is finished)
1 Dolphin St. (on the hill),
14 Shivtai Israel St. (the second branch)
18 Shivtai Israel St (a third branch which is open all day)
Tel: (03) 682-0387, (03) 682-8355
Not Kosher

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