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Achziv to Rosh Hanikra Promenade

My tip to you is to visit the Achziv to Rosh Hanikra Promenade often. It is perfect for both a family hike with children and also when you want to be alone with the shades of blue of the beautiful sea. Each season provides a different background to the incoming Mediterranean waves. Wild flowers abound. I love to watch the seaweed dance in the incoming waves. You will, too.

The official name is the Burton Promenade and it stretches for some 3.5 kilometres along the coast from Rosh Hanikra to Betzet, near Achziv. Drive up to the promenade that stretches from Achziv Beach (just north of Achziv National Park) up to Rosh Hanikra and enjoy a sunset stroll, just be warned, some of the sunsets in this part of the world are amazing!

Sea anemones, sea urchins and small octopi that can often be seen hiding among the rocks, and in July and August, the sea turtles that lay eggs on the beach. Small islands, where seagulls nest in summer, are nature reserves in their own right, remnants of once-landlocked calcareous limestone (kurkar) ridges.

The promenade, with many seats available overlooking the sea,  is a favorite amongst cyclists and walking stretching north to the stunning 120 foot high cliffs of Rosh Hanikra. (You can enter Rosh Hanikra from the Achziv Promenade During July & August and year- round on Saturday’s).

In warm weather, walk barefoot in the clean white sand. At the end of the promenade is a monument (Yad La Yad) to the illegal immigration ships from the British Mandate period, made out of pieces of the ships.

Small train
On Saturdays, the small train loved by children of all ages takes you on a beautiful ride on the Rosh HaNikra Small Train along the Achziv to Rosh Hanikra Promenade all the way to Achziv and back, passing through the nature reserve for the length of the shore promenade, between all the natural bays. A tour guide will enlighten you for the duration of the ride, which lasts about 40 minutes. The train does not operate in the winter.
Bicycle riding at Rosh Hanikra 
Enjoy a family bicycle outing along the sea promenade boasting stunning inlets and breathtaking landscapes. Bicycle rental is available in Rosh HaNikra National Park. A cycling tour offers you the perfect blend of nature, sports and enjoyment.

Entrance: Free

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