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Arial view of the Old City of Acre *

Old City of Acre

Aerial view of the Old City of Acre is amazing! Acre Attractions put this historic port-city in the northern part of Israel on the World Heritage List. It’s interesting that Acre is one of the oldest continuously inhabited sites in the world. It’s famous for the remains of the medieval Crusader buildings, you may be impressed by the walls, fortresses and strongholds of the city. Various cultures influenced the place, even Napoleon Bonaparte tried to conquer it, but after two months failed. Here you will see Acre sea wall, Acre Harbor, the remains of Crusader harbor, Khan al-Umdan (the “Inn of the Columns,” the largest of several Ottoman inns) and The Jezzar Pasha Mosque.

Arial view of the Old City of Acre – Acre Attractions


Visit Akko – Acre Attractions

Acre Harbor

Al Basha Turkish Bath

Al-Jazzar Mosque – Jama El-Basha (the Pasha’s Mosque)

Underground Prisoners Museum

Bahá’í Gardens at Bahjí in ‘Akko

Arab Market in Acre

Song for Acre – Arab Folk Song – Palestinian Folk Song

Akko – Acre


OH, AKKO is a cinematic ride through the old heart, alleys, harbours and tunnels of one of Israel’s and the Middle East’s most beautiful cities – AKKO (Acre).

Visit Akko – Acre Attractions!!

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