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Amram Pillars

Five sandstone pillars at the foot of the western cliff of the Amram crater, at the source of Nakhal Amram. Next to the pillars is a concentration of copper-digging burrows and shafts from the Roman era.

Amram Pillars are soft Nubian Sandstone  pillars resulting from common sandstone erosion (similar to the Solomon’s Pillars of Timna Park). The erosion was caused by water permeating a system of vertical cracks in the cliff. The name “Amram” was the result of an attempt by the Names Committee to preserve the sound of the Arab name of Amrani, of the stream and the rise next it. Amram was the name of the father of the Biblical Moses and thus the association with the journey of the Israelites in the desert is created, with some locations in this journey possibly recognized in the area.

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