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The ANTI project startup – Caitlin Marga Taylor & Amy Martin

Hi Amy, Hi Cait

Hi Ori!

How are you? I hope you have an umbrella for this weather we have here, it’s very common here in Tel Aviv.

Amy: I’m very well prepared for it! Being from the middle of the North Atlantic Sea- The British Isles!

I am sure Cait was expecting something different altogether. Share a few words about yourself, what brings you to our cool island?

Your island is pretty damn amazing!

Thanks. Other than this surprising summer rain it is indeed most of the time. But seriously, what is a British + American girl are doing here?

For our MA in Migration Studies at Tel Aviv University. Its a pretty interesting place to study migration. Israel is very unique.

I have heard of migration but not about migration studies. What’s the program about?

Well…..We learn about different migration policies around the world and how this relates to citizenship, nationality, identity, culture and so forth.

So is it mostly for foreign students?

The course is part of the international school but we also had “olim” in the class and returning citizens!

OMG, Israel is such a bonanza these days. Are you living in Tel-Aviv? How do you find it?

Yes! We wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Not even a kibbutz? 

It has the big city amenities and the beach life, but with the feel of a small city/village life. Not even a kibbutz!!

Cait? Even you?

Cait: Even me! And we even have surfing here. What more do we need?

Well maybe an underground transportation system.

I hear this is in the pipeline! Our great grandchildren may see it open! If they stay here for sure.

Is that an option? (hmm hmm)

Who knows with the world migrating at such a fast rate.
I forgot a big point too….We must not forget we live in the startup nation, The Silicon Wadi! shall we tell you a bit about our own start-up?

Ya! Bitte. Tell me more about that. How two young and promising academics caught the Tel Aviv famous israeli startups virus. 

With pleasure. We are the ANTI project. A small social venture that seeks to empower young, at-risk women by giving them information and safe job channels via a web based tool.

Sounds terrific, and important. You are working on it in Tel Aviv? I guess there is a lot of tech stuff to make a startup of any kind these days. Is this the place to be?

We are still in the developmental stages but have found that Israel has been a great place to base ourselves because of the extensive networks and support.

That’s interesting.

Yeah, exactly but within this sea of programmers we still can’t seem to find one that will work with us.

Well this is a call out for developers, among others.

(: Other than that we have met a ton of amazing people who are interested in what we are doing.


Is the fact that israel is a migration state itself has anything to do with it? I mean, it’s like making chocolate in Switzerland or something?

Perhaps, we have had a lot of interest from the migrant community living here.

Which brings me to the next thing. Do you need any field experience for this?

To make a start up?

To keep in touch with migration issues while putting the tech thing to work

Oh, yes, fieldwork is probably just as important as academic knowledge. For this reason we are starting to reach out to local organizations and also NGO’s in eastern Europe – our specific target area. We have also begun conversations with experts in the field. For example, the other day we spoke with a former Knesset member that has been instrumental in creating better anti-trafficking measures in israel.

Aha! So you are superwomen kind of thing, I see.

Haha, we wish!

We shall see, for now we are in the last but not least part of our short acquaintance. The quick TLV questions. Ready?


1. Whats your favorite tel aviv neighbourhood?

Neve tzedek!
Easy one


2. Favorite fast food?


OMG you have been here too long?

3. Best beach?

Yafo! In Tel Aviv
Habonim in Israel

I totaly agree.

4. Best pub\bar?

There’s a cool cocktail bar/speakeasy called “Minibar” next to Bar Geula – no, there’s no name, just a wooden door

Obviously I am dealing with experts here. Even I don’t know about it. Well, I’ll have to check it out.
Thank you for the talk, ANTI project. Where can ppl find you online?

Thank you!! You can find us at:

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