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Arab Museum of Contemporary Art and Heritage *

Sakhnin Photo: מואפק חלאילה

The Arab Museum of Contemporary Art and Heritage (AMOCAH or AMOCA) in Sakhnin is the first Arab museum of Contemporary Art, established in Israel. It was founded by two Israeli artists Belu-Simion Fainaru and Avital Bar-Shay. After curating several Mediterranean Biennales they decided that the idea of exhibiting Arab, Jewish and Mediterranean artists together worth a museum collection. The museum was inaugurated in June 2015.

AMoCA holds a collection of over 200 contemporary international works of art that combine local contemporary art and international contemporary art, showcasing artists from Arab and Mediterranean countries. The vision of AMoCA is to create dialogue, meeting and co-operation between Jews and Arabs by means of contemporary art in change-generating projects with the aim of creating a platform for building mutual trust and resolution of disputes in alternative ways. “There are communities here from Sakhnin, Segev, Araba and Karmiel that have never met or had conversations,” explains Blue-Simeon Feinero. ‘The museum is designed to be a place where everyone can talk and get to know each other. The vision is to create dialogue, encounter and cooperation between Jews and Arabs through contemporary art. “

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Location: Dohaa st. 100, Sakhnin, Israel

Phone: 04-8235789

Mobile: 0544-235790

Mobile: 0547-505789



Meet the art of coexistence at the Sakhnin Biennale of 2017. If you were looking for the art of coexistence, a visit the Sakhnin Biennale located in the Israeli-Arab village of Sakhnin in the Galilee is perfect. The Sakhnin Biennale was an alternative art festival that features pieces by artists from Israel and from 65 other countries. The village, which transformed into a living museum during the festival, became a meeting place for northern Israel’s diverse population which includes Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities.


Sakhnin is an Arab city in Israel’s Northern District. It is located in the Lower Galilee, about 23 kilometres (14 mi) east of Acre. Sakhnin was declared a city in 1995. In 2019 its population was 31,702, mostly Muslim with a sizable Christian minority. Sakhnin is home to the largest population of Sufi Muslims within Israel, with approximately 80 members.

In 2003, the Sakhnin’s football club, Bnei Sakhnin, became one of the first Arab teams to play in the Israeli Premier League, the top tier of Israeli football. The following year, the club won the Israel State Cup, and was the first Arab team to do so.

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