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Cameling in the holy land since forever

Moshe Stekelis Museum of Prehistory *

Stone mask from Hebron Hills.JPG המוזיאון לפרהיסטוריה ע"ש משה שטקליס. מסכת אבן מהר חברון, התקופה הניאוליתית הקדם קרמית ב' העתק

The Moshe Stekelis Museum exhibits the prehistoric cultures of the Land of Israel. Two exhibits deal with submerged settlements: the prehistoric villages discovered off the Carmel coast, including reconstructions of structures and water wells, and the Epipaleolithic village found in the Sea of Galilee.

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Arad Fine Art & Doll Museum *

Arad Fine Art & Doll Museum

A unique museum in Israel, with magnificent original sculpturesThe museum is recommended as a tourism site for visitors from Israel and the world. Museum featuring bronze, porcelain, paper pulp sculptures by Miri Leibowitz and Edward Shuster, a pair of artists International sculptures The visit includes a guided tour.

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The Friends of Zion Museum*

The Friends of Zion Museum is a museum in the historic Nahalat Shiv'a neighborhood of downtown Jerusalem. The museum celebrates Christian Zionists and their contribution to Israel.

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Yemenite Jewish Heritage Center and Museum *

The Yemenite Jewish Heritage Center and the Israeli Communities. in Rehovot. includes permanent exhibitions and unique activities for disseminating and preserving the heritage of Yemenite Jewry through rare, authentic and unique collections and exhibits. You can learn about the rich spiritual world of Yemeni Jews through a unique interactive table.

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Bloomfield Science Museum *

Bloomfield Science Museum is a science museum in Jerusalem established in 1992. The museum is located opposite the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the Givat Ram neighborhood. The Bloomfield Science Museum is an informal cultural and educational institution ...

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African Hebrew Israelites *

The Black Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem is a spiritual group now mainly based in Israel, who believe they are descended from the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Black Hebrew Israelites incorporate certain aspects of the religious beliefs and practices of both Christianity and Judaism.

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10 Surprising Similarities Between ISLAM and JUDAISM *

Here are 10 Similarities Between Islam and Judaism that will surprise you. The religious practices of and core beliefs of Jews and Muslims are sometimes identical. The similarities are pretty amazing. Here are the facts about the similarities between Islam and Judaism.

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