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Ava Coffee Shop Haifa

What a wonderful way to start out a work day in downtown Haifa. Ava Cafe is right in the center of the business district on Ha’atzmaut, with a quiet entrance just around the corner. You can choose a variety of seating: inside, outside (smoking), VIP Room and Artists Wall. There is even a place to tie your pet with a free drink for the dog. At Ava you can have a break, hold a business meeting, read a paper or just shmooze. Ava is next to the HaNamal Campus of Haifa University – a fine meeting place for students.

Ava Cafe

There are so many kinds of coffee available. I order a different one each visit and still have dozens more to choose from. AVA Coffee Shop offers an unbelievable selection of unique kinds of coffee including organic coffee, flavored coffee, dates coffee, plantation gourmet coffee, private label and, of course, delicious pastry.  Ava Coffee, one of the country’s leading coffee suppliers.

  • Address: Derech Ha’atzmaut 51, Lower city, Haifa 33033
  • Phone No: 04-8640192
  • E-mail:
  • Kashrut: Rabbinate
  • Wheel chair accessible
  • Ava Cafe
    Ava Cafe
Ava Cafe
Ava Cafe VIP Room
Ava Cafe
Ava Cafe Artists Wall
Ava Cafe
Ava Cafe


  • Sun-Thurs: 06:30-17:00
  • Friday and holiday evenings: 06:30-13:30


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