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Bar David Museum For Jewish Art And Judaica *

Museum Bar-David in Kibbutz Baram Photo: נחלת הכלל

The Bar-David Museum, dedicated to arts and Judaica. It is located in Kibbutz Baram, on the Israeli northern border, two kilometres from the Ancient Synagogue in “Baram National Park”. The Museum is unique in the Galilee, with its permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibits by first-rate contemporary artists active today who reflect the spirit of the times. The museum includes five wings and a sculpture garden.

The museum is in the name of its donors: Moshe and his wife Tova Bar-David, of blessed memory, and is dedicated to the Jews of Bezezany, Poland who perished in the​​ Holocaust.

The Entrance Level

​The entrance level includes a permanent exhibition of Jewish ritual objects from different Jewish heritages and communities, a replica of an ancient inscribed lintel of a second synagogue of the Mishnah Period (the original remains are in the Louvre in Paris) from Baram Village​​ and a temporary art exhibition from the museum’s collection.

The Upper Level

The Collection Wing holds changing exhibitions from the museum’s permanent collections. The upper level consists of a huge exhibition hall for art, sculpture and photography and a small archaeology room for displays from the collection.

The Contemporary Art Wing exhibits Israeli artists, leaders in Israel’s Contemporary Art Scene.

The Lower Level

On the lower level, beneath the m​ain entrance are the Youth Wing and workshops rooms. The Youth Wing that hosts an interactive exhibition inviting the young visitor to experience art in an experimental and enjoyable way offering creative activities. The Wing presents: “Circles”, an interactive exhibition for pupils and families.

The Art Center – Kibbutz Baram

 An added attraction is the art center for children and youth, with annual themed exhibitions and activities conducted in Hebrew and in Arabic, integrating hands-on experimental art activities. 

The Sculpture Garden – Kibbutz Baram

Outside of the Museum building is its Sculpture Garden, with several important, huge sculptures by Igael Tumarkin, among them Divine Comedy, inspired by Dante’s masterpiece, and Angel of History – a tribute to Walter Benjamin.

Contact – Kibbutz Baram

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Guided tours are offered in several languages: Hebrew, English, French and Spanish.​

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