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Best fast food places in Tel Aviv

Where are the best fast food places in Tel Aviv? There are so many it is impossible to decide. IsraelandYou will suggest a few and let you decide.


hakosem falafel

Shawarma Hakosem takes the 1st place with no battle. even though it is not open late night hours (not the perfect munch) it still is number one. Why? Because everything the place has to offer, from falafel to shawarma or just a hummus plate is done with a bit of extra magic of perfection. That might explain the long q’s next to it since the early morning hours. But worry not, a local custom is to treat any one that’s waiting with an extra falafel ball served to your place in the line. (Non-kosher)

Bottom line: Do not miss


miznon tel aviv
צילום: בועז לביא

HAMIZNON could easily take the first place in the list, but due to it’s being a new-comer to the city we still want to wait and see if it enters the city’s hall of fame. The place was founded by the very well known gourmet chef Eyal Shany and it has a very special offering: everything is always, in a pita. Be sure not to miss the liver with eggs, internal parts & liver or the famous nutela pita line. (Kosher)

It’s open late at night, might be perfect for a snack/munch.



JAPANIKA has a few branches in Tel Aviv. all of them are considered to be the most common sushi choice forTel Avivians. Though the popularity of sushi has been going down since the late 90’s, Japanika stays strong among the best hang out spots in tel aviv. The branch on Rothschild and Allenby street is a perfect ‘drive in’ / suchi bar to stop in when hopping between bars. (Kosher)

Bottom line: A perfect combination


moses tel aviv
צילום: מוזס

Moses is considered by many to be THE professional hamburger in the city. Not the cheapest that’s for sure (but what in Tel Aviv is?). (Non-kosher)


toni vespa pizza

Here’s for you pizza lovers: Tony Vespa is by far the best and the coolest pizza in town. It’s deliverd by a custom slice, meaning u tell the guy where to put the knife and you can mix different kinds. Tony Vespa is located on main night life crossroads at Dizengof and Rothschild and open to the small hours so if pizza is your thing, just do it. (Non-kosher)


צילום: יהונתן צור

No Israeli list is valid without the native Israeli fast food – humus. there are a lot of options in Tel Aviv, and a few important ones in Jaffa (Abu Adham) but the number one goes to Ali Karavan. The humus is simple, warm, fresh like a humus plate should be. In a humus place you always have a few options to check out if plain humus is too boring for you. Try the ‘mashausha’ or the ‘triple’ plate before you go and if you don’t have anything against it, when they ask u if you want an egg on top- just say yes. The legend has it that a humus place that has no queue at the entrence, is not worth trying. This is a great place to check it out. (Non-kosher)


צילום: וולפנייט’ס

Once it was almost impossible to find good burgers in Israel. These days there are plenty, but this place may just make the best of them all. A burger is not a chef’s dish and Wolfnights is not pretentious. They just make very tasty burgers keep up the good job! (Non-kosher)


restaurant-dr-shakshuka The Shakshuka is the best I’ve tasted, the ‘other stuff’ on the menu, the Denis fish and salads are all mouthwatering and delicious. Dr. Shakshuka has its roots were from Libya. he was so good in making Shakshuka a pan of mixed vegetables with an egg on top, that people called him Dr. Shakshuka. I absolutely recommend this to anyone who loves Lybian food and Shakshuka. The service was really nice and the place looks good, too. (Kosher)


“Ha’Itliz” is a meat bar located on the southern corner of Rabin Square.They specialize in high quality fresh meat that is butchered daily.The Meat Shop is a temple for meat lovers, who may enjoy special cuts such as picanha, bavette, basses-cotes, “home made” sausages, and doner shawarma – made from beef and lamb soaked in milk, and adorned with pistachios and pine nuts. (Non-Kosher)

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