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Bio Tour – Sde Eliyahu

I participated in the Bio-Tour at BioBee in Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu in the Bet Shan Valley together with my friends from the 50th Reunion of the Young Judaea Year Course 1963-64. The guide was so sweet and handled the group splendidly. She opened our eyes to Israeli breakthroughs in organic farming. This tour was worth its weight in gold. Much better than just another holy grave. I highly recommend making a reservation and visiting the Kibbutz to view 21st Century agriculture.

Kibbutz Sde-Eliyahu – שדה אליהו

Sde-Eliyahu is a religious Orthodox Kibbutz. It was founded in 1939 as one of the Homa U’Migdal (Tower and Stockade) settlements.

Sde Eliyahu is situated in the Valley of Springs, between the Gilboa and the Gilaad ridges. Its 120 families base the social, cultural and economical aspects of their lives on ideals of cooperation and sharing, of Torah and hard work.

Most of the Kibbutz’ earnings come from agriculture, particularly – organic.

The idea of commercial organic farming was first instigated early in the 1970’s, by Mario Levy, one of the kibbutz members, who views organic farming as a way of life.





As more and more people on Sde Eliyahu supported the idea and as the work itself progressed, Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu emerged as a pioneer in the field, positioning itself at the cutting edge of research in this branch of agriculture.


This is a tour throughout the Kibbutz, with your feet in the soil and nothing but green in your thoughts. The tours show how everyday living is merged with nature as a way of life.

The combination of a Jewish Orthodox lifestyle with organic farming, in a vibrant, versatile and cooperative community, is something worth seeing and experiencing. So, you, our guests, are invited to come to our Kibbutz and see all this being actually implemented. The tour will reveal to you the possibilities of living in harmony with, and using nature to promote a healthier and better life.

Tours are given six days a week (except Saturdays), featuring lectures on different subjects. The professional guides will accompany you from arrival and until you are ready to leave.

At the end of your tour you are invited to visit our store, where you can find natural and organic products produced locally.

You can get gift packages for yourself, your loved ones and your employees. Filled with all kinds of organic and healthy products, these packages can be designed according to your own specific budget and wishes, and can be ordered in advance.

For birthdays, bar/bat mitzvah tours, family or work functions – or just something completely different – Bio-Tour is your answer. Please call in advance to book your tour.

Bio-Tour Sde-Eliyahu – Touring the Organic Experience


Sde-Eliyahu, Bet Shean Valley
phone:  972-4-6096986

fax:  972-4-6096986



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