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Birding Park Eilat

Eilat Bird Watching Park – פארק הצפרות אילת

Birding Park Eilat – An activity center for birdwatchers, with an office that organizes tours of the beautiful park during the migration seasons. Besides the birds, don’t miss visiting the ringing station and the KKL-JNF tree-planting area.

The Bird Watching Park is the main resting point of over than a billion birds migrating between Asia, Europe and Africa and it is one of the most important habitats in the world. This is a unique natural phenomenon which provides an opportunity to watch the birds from a special hiding place. This place is a recovery spot for the birds providing a last chance for the migrating birds to find food before their long way across the desert. At the park itself a small pool was created for the water birds, maintained by fresh brackish water. In the small wooden hut in the park is a ringing station for the monitoring and the collection of data about these migrating birds, as well as for taking care of the birds that suffer from exhaustion.

Opening hours of Bird Watching Park:

Sunday – Saturday: 9 am – 12 pm
Bird Watching Park Phone: +(972) 52-3377714
Address: near Kibbutz Eilot

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