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Bitronot Beeri


Beeri Badlands Nature Reserve

The Beeri Forest protects fields of wildflowers in the Negev in southern Israel. Bitronot Beeri Natural Reserve is part of the Ramon Crater National Reserve. The Beeri Badlands are a crater shaped landscape of hills and fields in the Besor region, a combination of green fields, open spaces and badlands, famous for its carpets of red anemones (Kalaniot) in February.


Kibbutz Be’eri

Kibbutz Beeri (origianlly Beerot), named after Berl Katznelson, was established on 6 October 1946 (the night following Yom Kippur), on land called Nahabir, as one of the 11 points in the Negev – together with Hatzerim, Nevatim, Urim, Nirim, Shoval, Mishmar Hanegev, Galon, Tekuma, Kfar Darom and Kadima. During the Israeli War of Independence, the Kibbutz was completely isolated by the Egyptian Army and the settlers had to hold their ground and live in bunkers for many months until the liberation of the Negev in October, 1948.

The Safe House at Beeri
Beeri Forest - Bitronot Beeri
Beeri Forest Kalaniot

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