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Coral Beach Nature Reserve and Conservation Area *

Eilat's Coral Beach Nature Reserve and Conservation Area (שמורת טבע חוף האלמוגים‎) is a nature reserve and national park on the Israeli Red Sea coast, near the city Eilat in Israel. It covers 1.2 kilometers of shore, and is the northernmost shallow water coral reef in the world. It is popular for diving and research, and was founded by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. At the southernmost point of the nature reserve there is the Coral World Underwater Observatory, the largest public aquarium in the Middle East. It was listed as one of the New York Times Places to Go in 2019.

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Ein Uzan- hidden in the bush *

Ein Uzan - עין אוזן is an attraction of nature and animals in Bar Giora. When standing in front of the heavy thicket of the Pistacia lentiscus shrub above Ein Ozen, it is hard to imagine that the dome-shaped shrub "hides" the spring. A narrow path that crosses through the bushes leads to the opening of a rock-hewn cave and descends to the site of the spring.

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Elvis American Diner *

In a small town outside Jerusalem, a roadside diner is devoted to all things Elvis Presley.  Everything about the Elvis American Diner, located about 12 miles outside Jerusalem, celebrates the ...

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Deer Land Park *

Set in the heart of a huge natural forest, overlooking breathtaking scenery, Deer Land Park awaits you in Gush Etzion, overlooking HaEla Valley, south of Jerusalem. The park offers a wide variety of attractions: a nature reserve, petting zoo, and one of the largest sports challenge facilities in Israel.

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Avshalom Cave Nature Reserve *

Avshalom Cave also known as Soreq Cave – مغارة سوريك‎ or Me’arat HaNetifim, is a 5,000 m2 cave on the western side of Mt. Ye’ela, in the Judean hills in Israel, unique for its dense ...

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Kalaniyot ***

Kalaniyot Every spring, the Negev desert blooms with poppy anemones – Anemone coronaria – (known as kalaniyot in Hebrew). Fields of kalaniyot bloom in both the south and in the north of Israel. Distribution ...

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Sea of Galilee – Aerial View *

The Sea of Galilee is Israel’s only fresh water lake, a water-sport recreation center and a source of fresh fish and potable drinking water. It is also the lowest freshwater ...

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The Big Crater – HaMakhtesh HaGadol *

HaMakhtesh HaGadol HaMakhtesh HaGadol (The Big Crater) is located near Yeruham in Israel’s desert Negev. Makhtesh is the Hebrew word for a mortar grinder (מַכְתֵּשׁ‬). The Big Crater got its misleading name in ...

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Park Nahal Hadera *

Hadera Stream – Nahal Hadera – نهر الخضيرة Nahal Hadera ( نهر المفجر – Nahr Mufjir), is a seasonal stream that flows from Dothan Valley in northern Shomron -Samaria.  It empties into the Mediterranean Sea in Park Nahal ...

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