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Abu Hassan (Ali-Karavan)


Writing about hummus Abu-Hassan (Ali-Karavan) is a little bit like writing about, lets say – Michael Jordan. In a land of hummus lovers and hummus stars wannabes, every hummus place desires to be ...

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Hamiznon Tel Aviv

hamiznon tel aviv

Hamiznon (The Buffet), could easily take the first place in the list of most hyped food places in the city, but due to it’s being a new-comer to the we ...

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Ava Coffee Shop Haifa

What a wonderful way to start out a work day in downtown Haifa. Ava Cafe is right in the center of the business district on Ha’atzmaut, with a quiet entrance just around ...

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Kadita Restaurant

  In Moshav Timorim, near Malakhi Junction (once better know as Kastina Junction), in the southern coastal plain, you will find Kadita Restaurant, a chef restaurant  serving a variety of meat, fish, breakfasts, ...

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Barakah Restaurant

  Yesterday I was shopping downtown in the Shuk (market) of Ramla, struggling to fight my way through the crowds. With a shopping bag full of fruit and vegetables in ...

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Cafe Cafe Givat Shmuel

  During the traffic breakdown in Tel Aviv due to the early winter rains, we decided to take a break at the Kosher Cafe Cafe in the Givat Shmuel Mall. ...

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Decks Restaurant

This Lido Beach restaurant in Tiberias used to be the Pièce de Résistance of restaurants in northern Israel. But times have changed and it has diminished to the level of “family ...

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Landwer Cafe Heichal Hatarbut

Unfortunately the Landwer Cafe Heichal Hatarbut does not rate the IsraelandYou Recommendation. My wife and I sat a few hours nursing a capuchino while the electricity in the kitchen was being ...

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