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Judaism and Zoroastrianism *

Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s oldest continuously practiced religions, based on the teachings of the Iranian-speaking prophet Zoroaster. Zoroastrianism enters written history in the 5th century BCE. The sacred Zoroastrian pilgrimage shrine of Chak Chak in Yazd, Iran.Photo: Abolfazl Ahmadi  ...

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The expulsion of Jews from Arab and Muslim countries *

The Jewish exodus from Arab and Muslim countries, or Jewish exodus from Arab countries, was the departure, flight, expulsion, evacuation and migration of 850,000 Jews, primarily of Sephardi and Mizrahi background, from Arab countries and the Muslim world.

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Judaism and Buddhism *

The gilded "Emaciated Buddha statue" in an Ubosoth in Bangkok representing the stage of his asceticism Chainwit. - Own work

Judaism and Buddhism. The former is a monotheistic faith built on faith God, the Torah, and the idea of free will. Judaism emerged in the Levant around 3,300 years ago. The latter is a nontheistic and monastic religion that originated in India around 563 BCE. 

Judaism and Buddhism?! Isn't it sacrilegious to equate the two? Yet, we find many parallels between their mystical teachings. Over a third of American Buddhists are Jews! In the 60's (as well as today) seeking Jews en masse explored Far Eastern disciplines and it became a part of their spiritual journeys. What is behind this Jewish fascination with Eastern thought? Is there anything we can learn from it? Are there indeed parallels worth exploring? Would you believe that the birth of Eastern philosophy is discussed in this week's Torah portion? Whether Brahman is related to Abraham or not, clearly many foundations of Far Eastern thought originate from Abraham. No wonder Jewish and Eastern mysticism contain many similar ideas. But they also fundamentally differ in many important ways. As we read in this week's Torah portion how Abraham sent his children to the East armed with spiritual wisdom, please join Rabbi Jacobson in an eye-opening class on the mysteries of the journey to the east, the sparks embedded there by Abraham, which would be uncovered by his grandchildren thousands of years later! Discover the secrets of mysticism that changed the world then -- and how it can change our lives today.

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Conversos – Crypto Jews – Marranos *

A converso  was a Jew who converted to Catholicism  in Spain or Portugal in the Iberian Peninsula, particularly during the 14th and 15th centuries, or one of his or her descendants forced to convert to Christianity during the Middle Ages.

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Judaism and Astrology *

בית הכנסת אור תורה User:Mattes Public domain

Astrology has been a topic of debate among Jews for over 2000 years. While not a Jewish practice or teaching as such, astrology made its way into Jewish thought, as can be seen in the many references to it in the Talmud. Astrological statements became accepted and worthy of debate and discussion by Torah scholars. Opinions varied

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African Hebrew Israelites *

The Black Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem is a spiritual group now mainly based in Israel, who believe they are descended from the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Black Hebrew Israelites incorporate certain aspects of the religious beliefs and practices of both Christianity and Judaism.

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10 Surprising Similarities Between ISLAM and JUDAISM *

Here are 10 Similarities Between Islam and Judaism that will surprise you. The religious practices of and core beliefs of Jews and Muslims are sometimes identical. The similarities are pretty amazing. Here are the facts about the similarities between Islam and Judaism.

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Jews Under Islam *

Prof. Meir Litvak examines the attitudes toward Jews under Muslim rule from the early days of Islam until the modern period.

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Gan HaGat (Wine Press Garden) Tel Aviv *

Gan HaGat, – literally in Hebrew “Wine Press Garden,” is a hidden Tel Aviv gem the old and new of Israel. Wedged between city buildings and accessible only by a small side street, the public neighborhood garden is relatively unknown.

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