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Metzudat Koach


  Nebi Yusha This small Shi’a Moslim village settled in the 18th Century by the al-Ghul family who built the shrine for Nabi Yusha’ (Prophet Joshua – Joshua Bin-Nun), which included a mosque. The ...

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Tel Kedesh

  Tel Kedesh National Park, together with Tel Kedesh, the ruins of the ancient Canaanite village of Kedesh, is one of the largest “tel” sites in the Upper Galilee, Israel, and ...

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Ramla Museum

The Ramla Museum presents the history of the city from its founding in the 8th century AD and to this day. The most amazing exhibition is dedicated to the coins ...

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Tel Afek

If you are looking for family friendly, tourist attraction which is also an important and impressive historical site, then Yarkon and Tel Afek National Park is just what the doctor ordered. The ...

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Tel Itstaba

Many remains of a settlement from the Hellenistic period were uncovered in Tel Itstaba, near Beit Shan, including a residential section and a large public building. Tel Itstaba is not open ...

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Migdal Tzedek

Due to vandalism, quarry traffic and danger caused by construction failure Migdal Tzedek National Park is closed until further notice. Migdal Tzedek and all of its historical predecesors stands on the eastern edge of ...

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White Tower

The White Tower is not white. It takes its name from the nearby White Mosque built in the 8th century city which was destroyed by a huge earthquake. Only the ...

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Karnei Hittin

  Horns of Hattin is an extinct volcano with the crater between two peaks. Archaeologists have found remains of settlement from the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze era. The Canaanite settlement was destroyed ...

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Arches Pool

  The roofed underground Arches Pool reservoir, was built in 789,  is the most significant Abbasid building in Israel.  It is called the Pool of St. Helena who ordered it to be dug. ...

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