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Paran Monastery

Paran The Desert of Paran or Wilderness of Paran (also sometimes spelled Pharan or Faran; מדבר פארן) is in the Sinai Peninsula 35 miles from Mount Sinai. The Paran Monatery in the ...

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Dead Sea Shore

Dead Sea Shore Surprises The Dead Sea is not just mud and Masada. With a good guide you can discover very interesting highlights and Dead Sea Shore Surprises. Ahava Dead ...

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Trees for Christian Pilgrims

Every tour guide in Israel must recognize and point out to Christian pilgrims at least these two trees relevant to Christian tradition :- the Judas Tree and the Rosebud Tree. ...

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Serah Bat Asher

The non-conformist village of Klil holds a plethera of surprises for you. The most entertaining surprise I found was the invention of a holy site for the well-known Biblical character ...

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Kadesh Barnea

Biblical Kadesh Barnea Kadesh-Barnea appears in the stories of Abraham (Gen. 16:14; 20:1) and in the description of the expedition of Chedorlaomer and his allies; Kadesh-Barnea, here called En-Mishpat, is ...

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Flora of Israel

Book Recommendation – Flora of Israel Israelandyou recommends a new English language online guide to the Flora of Israel by Prof. Emeritus Avinoam Danin and his son Barak Danin. This website provides detailed scientific ...

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Havarim Cistern

  Bor Havarim – Havarim Cistern Bor Havarim (Chavarim Pit) is a group of underground Nabatean water cisterns. The cisterns collected runoff water in Wadi Havarim (Nahal Havarim) in the Negev. Ancient ...

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Nahal HaBesor

Nahal HaBesor Eighty km long Nahal HaBesor is the longest river in Israel’s Negev from Mount Boker near Sde Boker to the Mediterranean. The Besor River traverses the Agur-Halutza sand dunes. Nahal ...

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Hamakhtesh Hakatan

This image was taken by the NASA Expedition 22 crew. - NASA gateway to Astronaut photography

On the Way to Hamakhtesh Hakatan The Small Crater (5 km by 7 km) is the smallest among the 5 large unique geologic depression forms known as Makhteshim (geological erosion cirques) in ...

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