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Mearat Paar – Pa’ar Cave

  Mearat Paar Nature Reserve ( 14-dunam) is a Karstic Sinkhole in the Upper Galilee. Mearat Paar cave is located between the Mount Adir (part of the Meron Range), and Kibbutz Sasa. Directions: Route 89 north of Sasa Season: Year-round Difficulty: Family ...

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Mount Meron

  The circular route around the peak of Mount Meron is perfect for families, but not for baby carriages. If you hike at the end of the fall/beginning of winter ...

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Nachal Zavitan

  The Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve Shmurat Teva Yaar Yehudiya in the central Golan Heights covers 66,000 dunams (16,500 acres) and five main streams: the Meshushim, the Yehudiya, the Daliyot, the Zavitan and the ...

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Ein Almin Ramat Hagolan

Syrian R&R Pools The Syrian Army, before 1967, created Relaxation and Recreation pools at local springs for their officers (only) in several spots on the Golan Heights. All of them ...

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Spelunking at Hirbat Midras

Hirbat Midras  About 15miles south of Bet Shemesh in Park Adulam in the heart of the Shfela, Midras had a significant population during the Second Temple period destroyed in the Bar Kochba ...

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Hai Bar Carmel

Persian fallow deer, wild sheep, gazelles, oryx, wild asses, and vultures – all mentioned in the Bible and all endangered species – are nurtured at the Israel Nature and Parks ...

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Masada is a rugged natural fortress, of majestic beauty, in the Judaean Desert overlooking the Dead Sea. It is a symbol of the ancient kingdom of Israel, its violent destruction ...

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Odem Forest

Yaar Odem Odem Forest in the Golan heights, near Moshav Odem, is a stunning encounter with nature with apple and cherry orchards, deer that wander around freely, breath-taking landscapes, refreshing water ...

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Kibbutz Samar – קיבוץ סמר Samar (Hebrew: סָמָר) is a kibbutz founded in 1976 in the Aravah valley in the far south of Israel located near Eilat. Samar is one of the few kibbutzim that continues to maintain a lifestyle consistent with ...

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