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Christian Religious Sites

Garden Tomb

What is the Garden Tomb The Garden Tomb has no church and no archaeology and is probably not the burial-place of Jesus. However, the Garden Tomb is believed by many ...

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St. Stephen’s Church

St. Stephen’s Church and the The École Biblique St. Stephen’s Church and the The École Biblique are located along the ancient road to Damascus, approximately 1/4 mile outside the walls of Jerusalem’s ...

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Shefaram (Shfaram, Shafa-Amar, Shefa-‘Amr, Shfar’am – שפרעם) is an Arab Moslim-Druze city east of the bay of Haifa, and the site of an ancient Jewish-Roman city which was the second Galilee ...

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The Netofa Retreat

Mivdad Netofa Having lived nearby almost twenty years, I as sure that I had visited all the local attractions. We even made a family trip to the outlook at Hararit ...

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Belmont Castle

Tel Tzova (also Tzuba) – Ruins of a Crusader Belmont Castle and an abandoned Arab village in the Judean Hills.  Beautiful view of the surrounding hills.   Today Kibbutz Tzuba on ...

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Aqua Bella, Israel

Aqua Bella Ein Hemed National Park, run by the Israel Parks and Nature Authority, is located on the path of an old Roman road, which was still in use after the ...

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Yad Hashmona

Memorial to the Eight – יד השמונה Yad Hashmona means Memorial to the Eight.   The name was given by the founding settlers, a group of Bible believing Protestant pioneers ...

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