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Christian Religious Sites

La Vallée du Roi

Vieille Ville de Jérusalem Visite Audio La Vallée du Roi est une vallée qui se situe en Israël entre Jérusalem et le mont des Oliviers: Le circuit emprunte le chemin ...

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Saint Catherines Church, Bethlehem

Own work : Liadmalone

Saint Catherines Church Saint Catherines Church is a Franciscan Catholic church just north of the Church of the Nativity on Manger Square in Bethlehem. Outside the west door of the church is ...

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Milk Grotto Bethlehem

A Visit to the Milk Grotto This important Christian religious site is in Bethlehem and is usually part of the itinerary of a visit to the Church of the Nativity. ...

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Visite de la vallée de Hinnom

Vieille Ville de Jérusalem – Visite Audio La vallée de Hinnom – La géhenne est un lieu nommé vallée du fils d’Hinnom (ge’ ben hinnom). Il s’agit d’une vallée au sud ...

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Tabgha  – the home of the Church of the Multification of the Loaves and the Fish The 4th-century nun Egeria wrote about the Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and ...

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St. Peter’s Church Jaffa

St. Peter’s Church and St. Peter’s Monastery in Jaffa This is the center of Christianity in Jaffa. The New Testament records several of the deeds of St Peter the Apostle which took ...

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Prison of the Thieves and Barabbas

 Greek Orthodox Partorium Church (The Prison of Christ) Many churches of significance to Jesus’ Way of the Cross are found along the Via Dolorosa. The Greek Orthodox believe that the site of ...

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Tomb of the Virgin Mary

The Church of the Sepulchre of Saint Mary (the mother of Jesus)  or the Tomb of the Virgin Mary, is a Christian tomb at the foot of Mount of Olives in the Kidron Valley. ...

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Mount of Olives

Photo by Gila Brand

See Jerusalem as Jesus saw it. Visit the Mount of Olives and Dominus Flevit Church, Church of Mary Magdalene, Pater Noster and  Gethsemane. Panorama from Dominus Flevit Church Jerusalem, Israel This panorama ...

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