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Christian Religious Sites

Via Dolorosa – le Chemin de Croix

IsraelandYou en Francais Vieille Ville de Jérusalem – Visite Audio le Chemin de Croix : Les franciscains, au XIV° et XV° siècle, prirent l’initiative d’inviter les fidèles qui venaient en ...

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More than half a million tourists and pilgrims annually come to experience the spirituality and pastoral beauty of the waters of the River Jordan, in which Jesus was baptised by John ...

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Israel Pilgrim Map

A Christian’s Map of the Holy Land The jewel of Israel has many shining facets, more that one can absorb in a ten-day first visit to Israel. Plan your itinerary ...

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Stella Maris

Stella Maris Monastery a.k.a Our Lady of Mount Carmel is situated on the tip of Mount Carmel in Haifa. The monastery, just like the Muhraka Monastery to the south-east on Mount Carmel,  ...

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Galilee Experience

Is the Galilee Experience a missionary? The Galilee Experience is a great experience for Christians tourist, pilgrims and Messianic Jews, if they don’t mind having to pay to see a rather ...

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Via Dolorosa

  IsraelandYou wishes a Merry Christmas to all of our Christian readers. This post is a preview of your pilgrimage to Israel to follow Jesus’ steps on the Via Dolorosa ...

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The Church of the Nativity

No better time to take a virtual visit to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem than the day before Christmas! UNESCO inscribed this church on the World Heritage List ...

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