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Chain of Generations Center

Sharsheret Hadorot

Fifty five exciting minutes of an unforgettable experience – a special journey following the secret of the Jewish people’s existence; with special effects and an amazing view of the Western Wall. This is a museum that fuses contemporary glasswork art with thousands of years of Jewish history. Crafted by the internationally acclaimed glass artist Jeremy Langford, the exhibit uses nearly 150 tons of shining glass to tell the story of a nation.

Chain of Generation Jerusalem -
Chain of Generation Jerusalem

A new permanent exhibit called “The Generations Center” has recently been opened near the Western Wall. Visitors will enjoy a moving experience that relates the fascinating story of the Jewish people throughout the generations. This story takes us through 3,500 years- from the Patriarchs to exile to statehood, from destruction to rebuilding, and from crisis to hope.
Guests to the center will find an unusual and enchanting fusion of many creative elements: music, sculpture, archeology and light effects that together create a masterpiece to delight all the senses. The visitor is more than a spectator; he becomes an active participant who delves deeply into the history of the Jewish nation.
The center is divided into several rooms. Each room exposes the visitor to a different period in the chain of generations of the Jewish people, beginning with the forefathers and twelve tribes and concluding with the establishment of the State of Israel. Each room contains impressive works of art created from layers of glass illuminated by rays of light that shine forth through the darkened rooms. A play of light and glass creates the illusion of texture, shade and shape.

Chain of Generations Center -
Chain of Generations Center

Building the center took seven years. During construction, fascinating archeological finds were discovered and it was decided to integrate them into the exhibit. In the “Room of Yearning” you may see a unique example of the combination of works of art and archeological finds. The foundations of the room include a wall from the period of the First Temple, a Mikveh (ritual bath) from Second Temple times, Crusader walls and a Mamluk ceiling. A glass floor was added, reflecting the Mikveh. A huge column “sprouts” from this floor, symbolizing the yearning for Zion. The creation of this work of art requires a tremendous amount of raw materials; the column, rising to the height of nine meters (approximately 29 feet), weighs about 15 tons!
The last portion of the center is called the “Hall of Light,” and this area contains the central message of the entire voyage. The visitors, surrounded by candles and pillars, sit in a darkened space around a lighted well. A holographic image of a man, shown on a screen amidst light and smoke, tells the story of Rabbi Yisrael Halevi, a Jew whose entire life was a song of yearning for Jerusalem, but who was taken to a concentration camp in Poland and was never fortunate enough to reach the Holy City. A paratrooper who took part in the battle for Jerusalem in 1967 hears from a student of the rabbi, who survived the Holocaust, the story of Rabbi Yisrael. This story leaves its stamp upon the paratrooper’s heart, and while he fights in the battle to liberate the city, feels that he represents the Jewish people over the generations, and that Jews from previous generations are fighting alongside of him.

Opening hours: 

  • Sunday through Thursday: From 8am until evening (depending on reservations). Friday and holiday eve: 9am to 12 noon.
  • The site is closed on Shabbat and festivals, and on the eve of Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana, and on Tish’a B’av.
  • On the days of Chol Ha’moed the site is open as usual (with a reservation and payment.)

Tours in English and in Hebrew and take about 1 hour.

Tours using headphones available in Russian, Spanish, French, and German.

Ordering two months in advance is recommended.
Visiting the center individually is recommended for children above the age of 13.
To receive your ticket – bring the credit card with which you made the order.

The Generations Center is accessible for all kinds of handicaps.
The hotline (02-6271333) is operational between 8:30 – 17:00.

Fees for individuals and for groups using a guide from the Western Wall Heritage Foundation:

  • Adult: 25 shekel
  • Student/ Soldier/ Security officer: 15 shekel
  • Child / Handicapped: 15 shekel
  • Senior citizen: 12.5 shekel

For your information: There is a discount when ordering a combination ticket for the Tunnels and the Chain of Generations Center.

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