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Christian Palestinians ***

Screen shot from YouTube

Palestine’s Christians – Christian Palestinians

IsraelandYou must warn our readers that this film was created by the PalestineATW, a Christian Palestinians YouTube channel, which shows interest in Arab music and dance, but also backs Arab terrorism, Right of Return and anti-Israeli songs such as “Gaza War: Julia Boutros – Righteousness is My Weapon” and “Ode to the girls of Palestine”. Both songs encourage Arab terrorism.

The film has cultural value because it show many photos of sites and leaders of the Christian Arab community in Israel, Samaria and Judaea.

Palestinian Christians are Christians living in the Palestinian National Authority in Judaea and Samaria belonging to Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy, Catholicism (Eastern and Western rites), Anglicanism, Lutheranism, and other branches of Protestantism. Many Christian Palestinians chose to emigrate to other countries due to Moslem pressure. Rising Muslim land purchase, said at times to be Saudi-financed, and incidents of land theft with forged documents, except in Beit Sahour where Christian and Muslims share a strong sense of local identity, are seen by Christians as making their demographic presence vulnerable. The Christian Broadcasting Network (an American Protestant organization) claimed that Palestinian Christians suffer systematic discrimination and persecution at the hands of the predominantly Muslim population and Palestinian government aimed at driving their population out of their homeland.

As of 2015, Palestinian Christians comprise approximately 1–2.5% of the population of the West Bank, and less than 1% in the Gaza Strip. According to official British Mandatory estimates, Palestine’s Christian population in 1922 constituted 9.5% of the total Mandatory Palestine population (10.8% of the Palestinian Arab population), and 7.9% in 1946.

Arab-speaking Palestinian Christians not only are not Arabs, but they are the indigenous inhabitants of the Holy Land who have their roots in Judaism of the first century and the Early Church, christianised in the centuries following the destruction of Jerusalem and especially after the visit of St. Helena and the establishment of hundreds of churches and numerous monasteries in the fourth century.

Christians of the Holy Land

Brazilian Palestine

From this PalestineATW film you have learned that many Christian Palestinians have chosen to emigrate to Christian countries in European and South America mostly due to the Muslim activism against Christian Palestinians.

To prove my point see this clip about the “The Brazilian Palestine” series.

The documentary The Brazilian Palestine, written and directed by Omar L. de Barros Filho and produced by Cena Um, for the Canal CURTA. The filming took place in Rio Grande do Sul, where the discreet and the largest Palestinian community live in Brazil. Here, six families of immigrants and refugees narrate their diaspora from the 1950s onwards. They reveal how they adapted to the local culture.

Brazil boasts a large Palestinian community Palestino-brasileiro – فلسطينيو البرازيل of over 80,000 people, whose ancestors arrived there at the end of the 19th century.The group that headed to Rio Grande do Sul is distributed throughout six cities. Sapucaia do Sul, Pelotas, Rio Grande, Chuí, Santa Maria, Venâncio Aires and Porto Alegre (the state capital) are municipalities that are already home to Palestinian communities. These Palestinians contributed greatly to the construction of their second homeland, Brazil. No better proof of Palestinians’ love for Brazil exists than the fact that most Palestinians cheer for the Brazilian national football team during their matches.

Brazilian football star meets Palestinians and Israelis

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