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Dating an Israeli Girl **

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OMG, how does one go about dating an Israeli girl. Israel andYou knows since I have been happily married to my “Israeli girl” for 50 years.

Dating an Israeli Girl

An Israeli girl will respect you more if you are assertive and take the lead. Show her love and respect. Show lots of positive energy. Don’t play games or show any wishy washiness when dating an Israeli girl. Your date is likely to be a great schmoozer, but believe me she is no pushover. She can be strong, direct to the point and straightforward: “tachles”. Israeli girls are not a pushover. Expect dark or cynic sense of humor. Treat your date as an equal, but show her that you are “gever gever (Hebrew for “a manly man”). Secular Israeli women are modern westerners who are highly educated. Call the next day. Don’t SMS and don’t play games. You do not wait, my brother. If you like an Israeli girl you call her immediately.

What to expect

Your new Israeli date has more combat experience than you. Israeli women serve for a mandatory service in the Israeli army.

Expect your Israeli date to be direct and tell you what they think without beating around the bushes. Israeli women generally take awhile to open up. You can expect your date to be warm, authentic, and passionate, but they’ll may also give you a piece of their mind every now and again.

You are expected to pay the whole bill in the first few dates (unless the lady really insists).

Like other Israelis she may live for parties. There is room for a“LeChaim!” Don’t be surprised if you find that she loves to pamper and feed people – including you. Ask her for a picnic and she will probably bring you a lot of foods. It is not a good idea to talk about politics. You might get hurt.

Are Israeli women good wives? The answer is yes and these are some of the reasons why. Israeli girls are smart, worldly, supportive, and independent, good homemakers, more spiritual than religious, amazing mothers, have a good sense of humor, and incredibly beautiful.

What kind of relationship can you expect?

An Israeli girl friend is territorial.She may not allow any other women to flirt with you. She will even hug and kiss you in front of the strange woman who comes close and talk with you.Expect her to be loyal to you and brutally honest. Having a family may be very important for her. If you are her boyfriend everyone will know it –  just to avoid them getting closer to her.

You can expect that your Israeli date will not expose her real intentions from the start and may play hard to get. She is not interested in married men. Your Israel date most likely won’t come to your house or apartment Don’t expect to have sex before the third date.

There seem to be a lot of Israeli girls who have a long-term boyfriend but who are ‘on a break’ − and see an American guy as the good interim answer.

You might have a better relationship if you make the effort to learn Hebrew diving into the Israeli culture, understanding the psychology behind why Israelis think and act. Learn more about the culture and traditions of her country.

Get adventurous. Go together to some exotic place.

How to meet her family

If your new Israeli girl friend comes from a religious family then Shabbat dinners are the best. Israeli girls invite you to Shabbat dinner, and you end up meeting their whole family by the second date. Don’t be surprised her Israeli mother will spoil you with food and endless terms of endearment.

When you enter the home of an Israeli family you will probably be introduced to a mix of cultures. Hopefully they will be one of the many families are adventurous and live life to the full. Treat them as if they are really good looking, even if they are not your standard. For your Israeli date, family matters A LOT.

Now look out, many Israelis are straight talking, and may have plans for you.

Israeli Girls Sense of Humor

Appeal to your dates humorous nature.


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