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Eilat Off-side

This city is multi-dimential. You can chose you favorite flavour and venue from among beaches, nightlife, underwater,snorkeling, diving, a cruise in the Red Sea, swimming, glass bottomed boats and dolphins . This city is really 24/7. Considering that you need up to one day for the drive down and back or a few hours for the  flights in both directions, you must reserve at least at least a three-seven day stay in the southern most city in Israel to even just begin to cover all the family friendly attractions. Take for instance the Dolphin Reef, the Kings City amusement park, the Underwater Observatory, a tour of Timna Valley, a Red Canyon hike, a Jeep safari, a camel safari, the Botanical Garden of Eilat, crossing the border to the Aqaba Archaeological Museum, Taba and Sinai (optimistically, God willing), Petra, a mega popcorn at the IMAX 3D Eilat, learning something new at the Birding Research Center  and a tour of the Museum Eilat-Eilat My City.

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