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Ein Almin Ramat Hagolan

Syrian R&R Pools

The Syrian Army, before 1967, created Relaxation and Recreation pools at local springs for their officers (only) in several spots on the Golan Heights. All of them are call Breichot Ketzinim (Officers Pools). One of the nicest is Ein Almin, just wonderful for a cool dip, family picnic or camping. You can meet young couples, groups of vacationers and families with young children. (No life saving service is provided.) The water, from the Jordan River basin, is crystal clear. After flowing through the pool the water was used by the Syrians for local agriculture.

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My family slept overnight at Ein Almin in the quiet camping grounds. The kids were up and in the pool at 05:00. They enjoyed the venue very much. The only problem was the dirt road. They decided to bring their provisions with them instead of going shopping in the evening.

 Ein Almin
Ein Almin –

Directions: From Route 90 (the main north-south road from Metula to Eilat) , turn to Route 91 (Hazor Hagelilit to Ein Zivan) go up to Tzomet Beit Hameches. Turn right to Route 888 south and continue for about 2.5 kms. About 200 meter beyond Camp Yarden (Machane Yarden) to a wide dirt road next to a large building. The winding dirt road descends till you are near fish ponds. Another 200 meters and you arrive at Ein Almin. Park by the eucalyptus trees and go down the steps between the fig trees to the pool.

The dirt road is, what we call in Israel, “accessible for company cars and rental cars only”. That means you should come by 4X4 or park by the paved road and descend by foot.

Entrance: Free

Open hours: The pool is open 24/7.

Parking: Free only 50 meters from the camping site.

Check out this video and see if this attraction meets your demands.

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