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Ein Yorkeam

Ein Yorkeam is a large, beautiful spring, part of the Hatira Stream -a desert oasis with ruins from the Roman period , hidden under a deep ridge that floods the entire area in the winter creating waterfalls and streams.

The hiking trail is one of the short trails in the Negev and is very easy and therefore suitable for the whole family. From the parking lot follow the trail marked in green. Go down to the riverbed. After walking for about 20 minutes you will see a short gorge on your right which contains a huge floodwater cistern. Leave the marked path and go down the stone steps (carved out in the Byzantine era) that descend into the cistern. If you go in winter there will be a lot of water in the cistern and you can enjoy the clear, cold spring and the green vegetation surrounding it. From here continue on to the riverbed and get back onto the trail marked in green which is about 800 meters from the cistern. The trail turns to the right and leaves the riverbed. If you continue on down the wadi another 200 meters you will reach the edge of a cliff about 100 meters high. The view is magnificent from here and there are picturesque waterfalls. Walk back for about half an hour along the same path to get to your car in the parking lot.

All year round there is a serious problem of thieves breaking into vehicles. So do not leave your car unattended – another solution is to have an arranged pickup.

Ein Yorkeam in the Winter

There is a danger of floods in the winter.

Ein Yorkeam in the Summer

There is a great hiking trail with short ascents and astounding views, much worth the effort. If you are hiking during a hot season make sure to bring along at least 3 liters of water, walking shoes, cap and sun guard.

Ein Yorkeam
Ein Yorkeam

Hiking from Ein Yorkeam

One of the most popular hiking trails leads from Ein Yorkeam to Ma’aleh Palmach via Nachal Hatira to  Metzad Tsafir and Roman Ma’aleh Akrabim (Scorpions Ascent). This is closed after heavy rains in the Negev when there is danger of flooding in the dry river beds.

We took a winter peek at the waterfall at Ma’aleh Palmah (Palmach Ascent) on Nachal Hatira. First we had to take off our boots and cross the surging river. The ascent and descent of Ma’aleh Palmach during floods are prohibited. The Palmach Ascent (Nakeb al Yahud) is named after the Rangers of Palmach (a pre-state military group) Company C which forged their way out of this valley on a scouting trip.


Directions: From Dimona, travel east in the direction of Eilat. After eight kilometers turn right to the Rotem factories. Continue on the winding road for about 12 kilometers until you get to a sign for Ein Yorkeam to the left. There is a camping site here. The hike footpath begins from here. No admission fees or parking fees.

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