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Einot Tzukim Reserve – Ein Feshkha*

Einot Tzukim Nature Reserve

Einot Tzukim Nature Reserve, previously called Ein Feshkha, is the lowest nature reserve in the world, located in the Judean Desert alongside the shores of the Dead Sea.

The Ein Feshkha Reserve is divided into three sections:

  • Northern section (2,700 dunams) which is closed to the public and open only to researchers  with no human intervention.
  • Central section (500-dunam) which is open to the public an features swimming pools with shade, showeres, toilets, picnic tables surrounded by greenery. This part of the reserve contains the archaeological site from the Second Temple period, excavated by the French archaeologist Roland de Vaux, the excavator of nearby Qumran. De Vaux linked the two sites, positing that Enot Tsukim was a farm where Essenes raised crops and animals. Later Professor Yizhar Hirschfeld of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered a large complex from the Herodian period.
  • Southern section “Hidden Reserve” (1,500-dunam)  which is open to the public only when visiting on an organized group tour or a specially licensed private tour guide. English-language tours can be arranged.

Vegetation: Tamarisk, orache, Dutch rush, date, nitraria retusa & common reed

Fauna: Fish, frogs, birds, Middle Eastern jewel beetle (with a metallic green color and living its entire life on the tamarisk tree) and the weaver ant (also on the tamarisk tree, weaving nests using fine silk threads)

Open hours

  • Summer (April to September) – 8am-5pm
  • Winter (October to March) – 8am-4pm

Entrance fee: required

Parking: free

Tel: 02-994-2355

Pets: No entrance to dogs.

Required equipment: Good walking shoes, hat, water, bathing suit, sandals for walking in the water, and sun block.


Accessible parking spaces, toilet, paths in the recreation area including the archaeological site, wheelchair accessible picnic tables, faucets and access to wading pool. The “hidden reserve” is not accessible but is possible for wheelchair users with prior notice. Reservations and more information: 02-994-2355.


  • Ein Feshkha is located on Road 90 about 3km south of Kibbutz Kalia . Turn left after Qumran.
  • Bus 421, 486, or 487 from Jerusalem stops at Ein Feshkha

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