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Eli Cohen: The Mossad’s Master Spy *

Eli Cohen, publicly hanged in the Marjeh Square, Damascus on 18 May 1965 Public Domain

Eliyahu Ben-Shaul Cohen (6 December 1924 – 18 May 1965), commonly known as Eli Cohen, was an Israeli spy. He is best known for his espionage work in 1961–65 in Syria, where he developed close relationships with the Syrian political and military hierarchy, and became the chief adviser to the Syrian Minister of Defense.

Public domain

It is claimed that the intelligence that Cohen gathered before his arrest was an important factor’ in Israel’s success in the Six-Day War.

Cohen (in the middle) at the Golan Heights Public domain

Syrian counterintelligence eventually uncovered the spy conspiracy and convicted Cohen sentencing him to death and hanging him publicly in 1965.

Elie Cohen at his Damascus residence in 1963. Elie Cohen, the Israeli spy known in Syria at the time by the alias Kamel Amin Thabit, was beleived to be an expatriate businessman living in South America. He befriended leading Syrian Baathist politicians, including President Amin al-Hafez, but was eventually arrested, trialed, and executed in Marjeh Square in May 1965. The photo is taken opposite the Indian Embassy in Damascus.
Public Domain
Memorial stone reading Eliahu (Eli) Cohen, in the “Garden of the Missing Soldiers” on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.
Photo: תמר הירדני 

Eli Cohen Trail

Nine stations along the Golan Hights from Hamat Gader in the south to Marom Golan in the north , to memorize the most famous Israeli spy in Syria in the years 1962-1965 .

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