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Extreme Israel

Israel offers thrill-seekers everything from surfing and spelunking to paragliding and parkour, in some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. Extreme sports – the popular term for a slew of inherently dangerous, sometimes countercultural activities – are disproportionately popular in Israel. Israelis love a challenge, and a bit of danger added to the mix is just perfect for thrill-seekers across the country. Fortunately, this small land has natural settings suitable for every type of extreme sport, from remote desert canyons to snow-capped peaks. And with such a keen local audience already paving the way, tourists from abroad are also rapidly discovering that the country is a great go-to destination for the thrill of their lives.


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Choose your adventure: Hiking, Rappelling, Swimming, Kayaking, Biking, Jeep Tours & More!galileedown
Exploration of caves, mountains and valleys in spectacular locations throughout all of Israel! – Galilee, Golan, Judean Desert, Eilat, Tsfat. Pre-planned or customized adventures with fully insured guide. Full or half days of excitement for families and groups of any size, age or level.
Also offered: Historical walking tours of the Holy City of Tsfat in the Upper Galilee


Tel. +972-52-647-8474 from outside Israel
052-647-8474 from within Israel

Extreme sports:

zip lines, caving/spelunking, rock climbing, bungy swinging,
rappelling, sky-diving and more.

Exciting sports:
ATVing, jeep tours, kayaking, water sports,
horseback riding, canyoning, Tarzan swinging, hiking, paintball shooting.

Special Interest Activities: historical, archeological and holy sites,
antiquities, nature, geology, flora and fauna, Krav Maga.


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If you want to add a little “spice to your vacation, choose one or more of the following adventure excursions to add to your itinerary

 A day in the Israeli Army allows you to learn firsthand from elite commanders about various fighting army techniques. Wear I.D.F soldiers uniforms, try shooting a gun, and go through a workshop on how commanders and leaders are born. This is a once in a lifetime experience!!!

 Camping in the desert is always an enjoyable experience for families, groups or couples. Enjoy the exotic views of the Milky Way as you sleep amongst the secluded sand dunes. Israel Unlimited provides you with all the necessary equipment for this adventure. We offer tents, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, guitars, and items to create your own bon-fire

 Take a Jeep excursion or Tom Car in various regions throughout Israel such as the Golan Heights where you can enjoy the views of the Tuscan like luscious green surroundings.

 Cycling tours– explore one of Israel’s many cosmopolitan cities by bikes or set out for a single at the many treks Israel offers such as the Burma Road that leads to Jerusalem, a sleeping Volcano in the Golan and the Jesus trail in the Galilee.

Horseback Riding tours– explore Israel on a horse with experienced English speakers’ instructors for “non riders” and experienced ones. Starting from an hour on the beach or overlooking the Sea of Galilee to a 3,5,7 and 9 days tour from theGalilee to the desert.

 Parasailing, Paragliding, and Parachuting over the Mediterranean Sea is a thrilling adventure and an experience of a lifetime for Beginners and the more experienced.

 Camel ride through the Negev Desert and experience the tranquillity and natural beauty of the desert. We can arrange a few days trek with camels for groups of 4 people or more.

 A hot-air balloon ride is a romantic way to see Israel’s various landscapes. Enjoy the stunning views of Israel from above, while sipping on Champaign and enjoying organic strawberries. After landing, take a jeep ride in the wilderness for a special picnic lunch.

Scuba dive or snorkel in one of the many diving sites that Israel has to offer. Safari Day trips in the Red Sea off the coast of Eilat and Sinai, Water caves and marine archaeology in the Mediterranean Sea. We offer diving courses and guides for open water divers.

 Rappelling, free climbing, and zip-line are adventurous activities for individuals or the entire family. We hire a team of organized and certified professionals who assist you in every step of the way. Israel Unlimited can arrange these activities in various locations throughout the country: Manara Cliff, Zavitan water fall and the extreme rappelling trek at Rahaf River with 4 dry waterfalls in the Judean Desert.

 Hiking in Israel allows you to see and touch the land. Take a morning hike with a licensed tour guide and experience one of the many hiking trails that Israel has to offer. It can be arranged to fit the needs of your level.

 Swimming with dolphins is an ecological experience that allows you to observe dolphins in their natural habitat. Feel free to jump in, get wet and touch the dolphins or view them from a floating pier in the Red Sea.

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