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Farkash Gallery houses the largest collection in the world of vintage historical Israeli posters. The collection contains posters from time period ranging from pre-state Israel (the Yishuv) to the present day. The collection was founded in 1948 by the Farkash family and is located in Old Jaffa. Today the Farkash Gallery is run by Aharon Farkash.

The collection includes military posters, political posters, advertisements and movie promotions. Farkash Gallery mainly focuses on vintage Israeli posters, 20th century Israeli and International fine art, 20th century modern and contemporary paintings and sculptures, Jewish and Israeli art including “Ecole de Paris”, Judaica and Israeliana, Bezalel work, photographs and rare Jewish prints.

Throughout the years the gallery has exhibited its art in numerous exhibitions around the globe who won high acclaim, with the cooperation of the JNF and the Israeli embassies.

Farkash Gallery has the world’s largest selection of vintage Israeli posters and collectibles for sale, including Vintage Israeli Posters, Vintage Israeli Memorabilia, Vintage Israeli Photographs, Rare Documents, Vintage Books and Catalogs, Rare News Papers, International Documents, Vintage Israeli Maps, and Professional collections.


5 Mazal Dagim Street, Tel-Aviv, Old Jaffa, 68036, Israel

Tel: +972 546868687 Mobile +972-54-6868687 Fax +972-3-6815683

Open Hours: Sun-Thu 9:00-23:00, Fri 9:00-15:00

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